Featured Speaker: Mathew Heath Van Horn

Mathew J. Heath Van Horn is an Assistant Professor of Information Technology at the State University of New York, Delhi. Dr. Heath Van Horn has two master’s degrees: Computer Science and Information Resource Management. His Ph.D. is in Information Technology because while he still loves the math and dreams in 1’s and 0’s, he found more interest in exploring how cyber is being used. He loves to talk geek and yet can hold his own in a board room. Major Heath Van Horn is retired from the United States Air Force after serving 23 years in various cyber roles including discrete electronic repair, project management, software testing, cyber training, and leading teams of cyber personnel. He started a small retail business but missed the energy of young adults in IT and sold the very profitable business to be a professor. In this role, he educates, but more importantly, fuels the passion for cyber in tomorrow’s experts. Students are amazing and Professor Heath Van Horn enjoys offering independent studies for students to explore their ideas. Matt inherited a passion for riding from his father and rides his dad’s 99 Dyna Wide Glide Harley Davidson in support of The Patriot Guard with the road name “Double Tap”; a callsign he was bestowed while serving in Iraq. His commander noted that then Captain Heath Van Horn effectively used cyberspace to hit every target twice, much like a rifleman would shoot an enemy combatant twice. Dr. Heath Van Horn has served as a hacker and a referee for various regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competitions for the last 5 years.

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