Featured Speaker: Alex Holden

Alex Holden is the founder and CISO of Hold Security, LLC. Under his leadership, Hold Security played a pivotal role in information security and threat intelligence, becoming one of the most recognizable names in its field. Holden is credited with the discovery of many high-profile breaches including Adobe Systems, JPMorgan Chase, Yahoo, and many other high-profile breaches. Mr. Holden researches minds and techniques of cyber criminals and helps our society to build better defenses against cyber-attacks.

Abstract: What’s Lurking in the Dark – An In-Depth Look into the Dark Web

Cybercrime dwells everywhere, and the bad guys use mainstream tools to commit their crimes. In 2021 the black markets are overwhelmed with data for sale. New rules and exploitation techniques get traded and weaponized within hours. Let’s dive in to how to strengthen defenses now and going forward.

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