Hacker Halted 2024 Speakers

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Elizabeth Stephens



Elizabeth is the CEO of DBS Cyber LLC, a company whose mission is to protect American families. She is a cybersecurity expert with a distinguished background leading intelligence teams in high-stakes environments. Formerly the Director of Data Center Cyber Risk Intelligence at Microsoft, Elizabeth’s work focused on the safety of critical digital infrastructure. Her experience includes evaluating cyber risks, providing actionable intelligence, and developing best practices to secure cloud operations.

A Nashville native and Memphis born retired United States Marine Corps veteran, Elizabeth completed three combat deployments to Iraq. Following her graduation from the United States Naval Academy, she earned an MS in Business Administration and Management from Boston University. She is also capstone pending in the Masters in Cybersecurity Program at California State University and has completed a MS in Public Leadership from USF.

Elizabeth’s career is marked by a trailblazing spirit. She holds the distinction of being the first black female graduate of the Naval Academy to become a selected Fleet Naval Aviator in the Marine Corps. Her other firsts include piloting the CH-46E, attaining tactical aircraft commander status, and becoming the first woman to fly the MV-22 Osprey. Elizabeth’s courage and leadership earned her an Individual Air Medal for her exceptional actions during a critical period in the first democratic elections in Iraq’s history.

Solomon Sonya

Computer Science Graduate Student, Purdue University


Solomon Sonya (@0xSolomonSonya) is a Computer Science Graduate Student at Purdue University. He earned his undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Masters Degrees in Computer Science, Information Systems Engineering, and Operational Art and Strategy. Solomon routinely develops new cybersecurity tools and presents his research, leads workshops, and delivers keynote addresses at cyber security conferences around the world.

Prior to attending Purdue, Solomon was the Director of Cyber Operations Training . Prior to that position, Solomon was a Distinguished Computer Science Instructor at the United States Air Force Academy, Research Scholar at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, and an Adjunct Faculty Instructor with the Advanced Course in Engineering Cyberspace Security (ACE) at the Air Force Research Lab in Rome, NY.

Solomon’s previous keynote and conference engagements include: DEFCON and BlackHat USA in Las Vegas, NV, SecTor Canada, Hack in Paris and LeHack, France, HackCon Norway, ICSIS ‚Äì Toronto, ICORES Italy, BruCon Belgium, CyberCentral ‚Äì Prague and Slovakia, Hack.Lu Luxembourg, Shmoocon DC, BotConf – France, CyberSecuritySummit Texas, SANS Digital Forensics Summit, DerbyCon Kentucky, SkyDogCon Tennessee, HackerHalted Georgia, Day-Con Ohio, TakeDownCon Connecticut, Maryland, and Alabama, and AFCEA ‚Äì Colorado Springs and Indianapolis.

Marissa Davis

Information Security Analyst


With over five years of hands-on experience as an Information Security Analyst, I safeguard critical systems, networks, and data from sophisticated cyber threats. My expertise encompasses malware research and analysis, threat hunting, security operation center (SOC), and incident response activities, utilizing industry-leading tools and technologies. I’ve successfully identified and mitigated high-risk vulnerabilities, bolstering the company’s security posture.

I hold both a bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Cybersecurity. Additionally, I’ve earned certifications including Security+, eJPT, CySA+, and CSAP, showcasing proficiency across diverse cybersecurity domains. My professional journey spans various sectors, including roles at Maximus, Flashpoint, Synovus, and Columbus State University. Passionate about staying abreast of cybersecurity trends, I’m dedicated to fortifying digital defenses and fostering a secure online environment.

Chris Esquire


Dr. Chris Esquire, esq. is a US Army veteran who served in the Signal Corps. Since 1996 he has worked in Information Technology for all industry sectors including public, private, military, and federal government. That also includes being a security analyst for one of the largest power companies in the world. For over 20 of those years he has operated in the security part of the field. Since 2017 he has focused his energy on educating individuals in cyber security having worked for over 5 universities. He has presented research internationally on various topics such as data breaches, cloud security, GDPR, cyber terrorism, and critical infrastructure protection. Lastly, he is also a licensed attorney who has focused his energy on education, community and public service with hopes on helping various industries and government bodies stay one step ahead of those who wish to do harm.

Jim West


Jim West possesses more than 32 years’ experience in the Information Technology field with over 20 years focused within Cybersecurity. He has worked in the IT and Security industry across many sectors of commercial, space, federal, and defense with expertise in Biometrics, Risk Management, Security Analysis, and Network and Systems Auditing. Jim holds multiple certifications which include; CISSP-ISSEP, ISSMP, GSLC, GCIH, GSNA, GPEN, G2700, PMP, C-CISO, S-CISO and many others. Jim has been invited to speak at Cyber Security conferences and events worldwide to include the NSA IA Symposium, Texas Technology Summit, CSfC Tech Day, TechNet Korea, Global CISO Forum, Cyber Bowl, Best Cyber Ranger, and many others. He was shortlisted as a finalist for Personality of the Year for the 2018, 2019, and 2020 Cyber Security Awards, and won in 2021. Jim was recently awarded the 2024 Cyber Leader of the Year award by Cyber First. West is also an award-winning author and writer. Jim’s “Cyber Security and Test Tips” eBook placed in the “100 Best Cyber Security Books of All Time” list by Bookauthority.org. For years he has developed and overseen IT and Cybersecurity strategy and solutions which solve complex problems for National Security systems and networks. West possesses a wide range of IT specialization to include systems integration, enterprise-wide and cloud security, network engineering, penetration testing, and more.

Mauro Eldritch

Founder, Birmingham Cyber Arms LTD and DC5411


Mauro Eldritch is an Uruguayan-Argentine hacker, founder of Birmingham Cyber Arms LTD and DC5411 (Argentina / Uruguay). He has spoken at various events, including DEF CON (10 times). He is passionate about Threat Intelligence and Biohacking.

Currently, he leads Bitso’s Quetzal Team, the first in Latin America dedicated to Web3 Threats Research.

Danish Tariq

Security Engineer


Danish Tariq is a Security Engineer by profession and a Security researcher by passion. He has been working in Cyber Security for over 8 years and it all started out of a curiosity to break things and look deep down into those things (physical or virtual) back in his teenage years. His major expertise is Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments.

  • He was also involved in bug bounty programs as well, where he helped many companies by finding vulnerabilities at different levels. Companies include Microsoft, Apple, Nokia, Blackberry, Adobe, etc.
  • Spoke @ BlackHat MEA 2022 (Briefing: Supply-Chain Attacks)
  • Featured in “”The Register”” for an initial workaround for the NPM dependency attacks.
  • Certified Ethical Hacker, Certified Vulnerability Assessor (CVA), Certified AppSec Practitioner, Certified Network Security Specialist (CNSS), IBM Cyber Security Analyst
  • Ex-Chapter Leader @ OWASP
  • Ex-Top Rated freelancer (Information security category) on Upwork
  • Recent security research and CVEs include – CVE-2022-2848 & CVE-2022-25523
  • Served as a Moderator @ OWASP 2022 Global AppSec APAC.

Kevin Cardwell

Cyber2 Labs


Kevin Cardwell served as the leader of a 5 person DoD Red Team that achieved a 100% success rate at compromising systems and networks for six straight years. He has conducted over 500 security assessments across the globe. His expertise is in finding weaknesses and determining ways clients can mitigate or limit the impact of these weaknesses.

He spent 22 years in the U.S. Navy. He has worked as both software and systems engineer on a variety of Department of Defense projects and early on was chosen as a member of the project to bring Internet access to ships at sea. Following this highly successful project he was selected to head the team that built a Network Operations and Security Center (NOSC) that provided services to the commands ashore and ships at sea in the Norwegian Sea and Atlantic Ocean . He served as the Leading Chief of Information Security at the NOSC for six years. While there he created a Strategy and Training plan for the development of an expert team that took personnel with little or no experience and built them into expert team members for manning of the NOSC.

He currently works as a free-lance consultant and provides consulting services for companies throughout the world, and as an advisor to numerous government entities within the US, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the UK . He is an Instructor, Technical Editor and Author for Computer Forensics, and Hacking courses. He is the author of the Center for Advanced Security and Training (CAST) Advanced Network Defense and Advanced Penetration Testing courses. He has presented at the Blackhat USA, Hacker Halted, ISSA and TakeDownCon conferences as well as many others. He has chaired the Cybercrime and Cyberdefense Summit in Oman and was Executive Chairman of the Oil and Gas Cyberdefense Summit. He is author of Building Virtual Pentesting Labs for Advanced Penetration Testing, Advanced Penetration Testing for Highly Secured Environments 2nd Edition and Backtrack: Testing Wireless Network Security. He holds a BS in Computer Science from National University in California and a MS in Software Engineering from the Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Texas. He developed the Strategy and Training Development Plan for the first Government CERT in the country of Oman that recently was rated as the top CERT for the Middle East. He serves as a professional training consultant to the Oman Information Technology Authority, and developed the team to man the first Commercial Security Operations Center in the country of Oman. He has worked extensively with banks and financial institutions throughout the Middle East, Europe and the UK in the planning of a robust and secure architecture and implementing requirements to meet compliance. He currently provides consultancy to Commercial companies, governments, federal agencies, major banks and financial institutions throughout the globe. Some of his recent consulting projects include the Muscat Securities Market (MSM), Petroleum Development Oman and the Central Bank of Oman. He designed and implemented the custom security baseline for the Oman Airport Management Company (OAMC) airports. He created custom security baselines for all of the Microsoft Operating Systems, Cisco devices as well as applications. Additionally, he provides training and consultancy to the Oman CERT and the SOC team in monitoring and incident identification of intrusions and incidents within the Gulf region. He holds the CEH, ECSA. LPT, APT, CHFI and a number of other certifications.

Georgia Weidman

Founder, Shevirah, Bulb Security


Georgia Weidman is a serial entrepreneur, penetration tester, security researcher, speaker, trainer, mentor, angel investor, and the author of Penetration Testing: A Hands-On Introduction to Hacking. Her work in the field of smartphone exploitation received a DARPA Cyber Fast Track grant and she has been featured internationally in print and on national television including ABC, BBC, Fox, NBC, and in the PBS documentary Roadtrip Nation: Life Hackers. She has presented and trained around the world including venues such as Black Hat, DEF CON, NSA, Oxford, RSA, and West Point.

Georgia founded Shevirah to create products for assessing and managing the risk of mobile devices in the enterprise and testing the effectiveness of enterprise mobility management solutions. She is also the founder of the security consulting firm Bulb Security.

She received the 2015 Women‚Äôs Society of CyberJutsu Pentest Ninja award and is a Professor at the University of Maryland Global Campus. She holds U.S. Patents #10,432,656 and #11,089,044 which are foundational to simulated phishing; as well as CISSP, Pentest+, and OSCP certifications. She has served as a subject matter expert with the CyberWatch Center’s National Visiting Committee, FTC‚Äôs Home Inspector IoT security challenge, and as a New America Cybersecurity Policy Fellow.

Lucas Teixeira Rocha


As a passionate full-stack web developer with a deep enthusiasm for technology, I have cultivated a diverse and extensive skill set in software development, contributing to a variety of projects across different industries. My technical expertise encompasses a wide spectrum of programming languages and solution platforms, making me adept at navigating complex technological landscapes.

Since embarking on my programming career in 2011, I have developed proficiency in an array of programming languages and frameworks. My repertoire includes JavaScript with its various frameworks and libraries (Express, NestJS, AdonisJS, loopback.io, React, Angular), C# with .NET Core, PHP with popular frameworks (Laravel, Symfony, Yii), Python using Flask, and Java with Spring. This broad skill set enables me to effectively tackle unique project requirements, ensuring that each solution I deliver is not only tailored to specific needs but also upholds the highest standards of quality and innovation. My commitment to each project goes beyond just meeting specifications; it’s about creating solutions that drive progress and make a meaningful impact.

Darius Davis


Darius is someone who really loves his work. He’s been fortunate to wear multiple hats as both an IC and leader in software development and network security. Fueled by a passion for innovation and problem-solving, he is always seeking new and challenging projects to work on. Please reach out if you are working on something fun!

Inna Vasilyeva

Senior Threat Intel Analyst & Reverse Engineer, HUMAN Security


Inna Vasilyeva is a Senior Threat Intel Analyst and Reverse Engineer at HUMAN Security. She has worked in advanced cyber intelligence analysis, reverse engineering, malware analysis and ethical hacking for the last 13+ years. Inna also actively tracks cybercrime and dark web activity including targeted malware. She has spoken at many worldwide conferences such as DEFCON, Black Hat US, Botconf, DCC, Underground Economy, FIRST, including winning or placing in multiple hacking competitions. In her time at HUMAN, Inna has contributed to a number of disruptions and takedowns, including the PARETO, Scylla, VASTFLUX and BADBOX/PEACHPIT operations.

Georgios Diamantopoulos


As an engineer, Georgios prides himself for being pragmatic and a generalist – engineering at its best is meant to bring an intention to life. To build a system that fulfills specific requirements over time. With over 12 years of experience working with or for startup organizations, he really knows what it takes to kickstart a project without sacrificing long-term goals like maintainability or scalability. Since he co-founded Zero to MVP in 2019, Georgios and his team have built over 25 systems that can pivot and scale.