Featured Speaker: Jessica Gulick

A recognized cybersecurity practitioner and thought leader, Jessica Gulick began her career as an engineer 25 years ago. She has since led cyber security teams, launched and grown IT and cyber firms through her WOSB Katzcy, and is now focused on cracking the code on how to tackle the cybersecurity talent problem. She founded the U. S. Cyber Games in collaboration with the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) program at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in 2021. As Commissioner of the US Cyber Games, and advocate for cyber-as-a-sport, her goal is to disrupt status quo thinking and build an inclusive, cyber community that accelerates cyber talent and inspires the workforce of tomorrow.

Abstract: Gaming the Sytem – Let’s Hack the Talent Problem

It’s time to disrupt our old way of thinking about talent, and not just the pipeline. Leaders across every sector know the truth…how we find cyber talent today will never fill the widening talent gap. With millions of jobs and nowhere near enough identified talent, we must hack the talent problem by innovating new ways to close the gap in cyber talent. The eSports and gaming industries hold the key to building high-performing, competitive security teams. By building a safe and legal place to hack and defend, we can double down on key skills like complex-decision making, predicting hostile strategies, and increase cognitive creativity.

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