Featured Speaker: Chuck Easstom

Dr. Chuck Easttom is the author of 34 books, including several on computer security, forensics, and cryptography. He holds a Doctor of Science in cyber security, a Ph.D. in Nanotechnology, a Ph.D. in computer science, and three master’s degrees (one in applied computer science, one in education, and one in systems engineering). He is an inventor with 23 computer science related patents. He is a senior member of both the IEEE and the ACM. He is also a Distinguished Speaker of the ACM and a Distinguished Visitor of the IEEE. Dr. Easttom is currently an adjunct professor for Georgetown University and for University of Dallas.

Abstract: The impact of machine learning on cyber security

Machine learning can be used for both defensive and offensive purposes. Both will be explored in this talk, including the most recent advances in this area. The talk will provide some background, but is focused on the cutting edge of research in this field..

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