2017 Event Agenda

October 09     October 10

Breakout Sessions

All Cyber War is Based on Deception

2,500 years ago Sun Tzu wrote 13 chapters on military strategy. Fast forward to today and we are still learning from those chapters and applying them in our newfound digital age. This track focuses on those very strategies from breaking resistance, knowing ourselves, and, of course, deception. This track will focus on using deception as an aid in defense, the “great results can be achieved with small forces,” and how that might apply to the potential shortfalls we are facing in this industry.

Philosophy of Cyber War

In an age where war is waged over cables and microchips instead of battlefields, one challenge is defining what war is and when war should be declared. Boundaries are being eroded as the globalization of technology continues its march across our physical landscape. We are facing a future where soon our very existence can be digitized and moved between any number of diverse systems. What is war these days? Is it simply the reality that anyone with sufficient knowledge and a decent Internet connection can simply declare “war” against anyone else be they human, government, or nation state? War now transcends boundaries – what DO we do?

Tech Behind Cyberwar

Leave your 0days, leave your latest hacks behind, and bring your playbook for the blue team. We have more hacks and more working trojans and attack vectors than we know what to do with. What do we actually do with them? That is the question this track will answer. This track is not about how you attack it is ALL about how you defend. When the midden hits the fan, how, where, and why do you react? How do you even know that you have been hacked? As security experts, we have failed our very charges. We continue to allow them to be attacked and we fail at defense.