Hacker Halted has partnered with GORUCK to bring a real-world challenge to Hacker Halted and Global CISO participants!

Are you the kind of person who is up for an adventure or a challenge? Even if you aren’t, have you ever thought you’d like to be?

Imagine yourself being hunted by a Special Forces Cadre of experts in urban survival.

You and your small cell will move through a series of tasks and checkpoints–the stars that form the constellations in the urban terrain. You’ll learn how to prepare and plan for chaos and how to connect the dots of your city, on the move. This unique “Constellation” challenge will include using the EC-Council STORM Mobile Security Toolkit in real world applications. Upon successful completion, you’ll earn the GORUCK Constellation patch, which will never be for sale.

GORUCK Constellation trains you to be a hard target and a protector of what you hold dear. You and your cell will move throughout the city with a rucksack of supplies and learn what escape and evasion looks and feels like in a time of chaos.

Once you see the constellations, you know exactly how to find them no matter where you are. This knowledge makes you a hard target.


Date: September 12th 1pm -5 pm

Students enrolled in a class at Hacker Halted Academy will receive a voucher to take their test at a later date.


Expectations & Rules of Engagement


Urban Navigation Concepts


Escape & Evasion/Improvised Weapons


FTX1 w/STORM incorporated in scenario


Restraint Defeat (Duct Tape, Zip Ties)


Partisan Link Up Procedures


Culex w/STORM Mobile Security Toolkit

Equipment List

  • 1 Contractor bag
  • 8 Zip Ties
  • 1 Roll of Duct Tape
  • 10ft of 550 Cord
  • Ruck
  • Water (32oz minimum)

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