Featured Speaker: Vivienne Suen

Vivienne Suen is a cybersecurity architect with a flair for storytelling and over 15 years’ experience advising IBM customers on IT solutions and strategy. A featured speaker at numerous conferences and user groups, she thrives on demystifying the complexities of cybersecurity and designing practical solutions to meet clients’ security needs. An unabashed technology optimist with a passion for music, Vivienne is a strong believer in nurturing diverse viewpoints, creating new connections, and the power of a well-crafted analogy. She lives in Montreal with her husband and son.

He’s INSIDE the house!

Could something like the SolarWinds attack be occurring in our homes? Perhaps it is and you might not even know. Have you invested in or looked at security posture of your home network, devices, and family members? In this new world of working from home, increased use of consumer IoT, our love of smart devices, and the Internet-connected nature of 21st century life – we are much more open to surveillance, reconnaissance, and potential personal cyber attacks.

Just as it’s safe to leave the house again, let’s talk about what may already be creeping into or throughout your home, and the technological and all too human things that go bump in the night.

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