Featured Speaker: Tal Melamed

With over 15 years experience in security research and engineering – Tal possesses an unprecedented understanding of the Application and Serverless Security landscape. Most recently Tal co-founded CloudEssence, a cloud-native security technology company that enables organisations to extend security observability to applications developed in cloud-native architectures. CloudEssence was acquired by Contrast Security in 2021. Previous to CloudEssence, Tal was head of security research at Protego Labs, a Serverless security start-up that was acquired by Check Point.

Tal currently leads Contrast Security’s new innovation centre in Israel and teaches at the cybersecurity master’s program at Quinnipiac University. He is also an AWS Community builder and an OWASP leader, where he evangelizes serverless security to the community, leads several Open-Source projects including OWASP Serverless Security Top 10 and DVSA (an insecure-by-design serverless app for training purposes) and trains hundreds of developers and security teams around the world.

Serverless Security Top 10

I will follow explain and demonstrate the top security risks for serverless applications. How they are different from what we used to and how we the devops can become secdevops by understanding the risk and applying best practices. I will also cover available tools.

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