Author: Jennifer Hernandez

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Description: Transforming news into insights, not only do we serve as a source of information but as the breeding ground for innovative ideas and exchange of breath-taking strategies that can make a difference in your technological understanding. We bring forth an enhanced, clever and comprehensive platform that can assist the information seekers a filtered view of what they are searching. Our technology magazine is spearheading a revolution to provide knowledgeable

Sponsor Spotlight: Living Security

Living Security About Living Security Living Security’s focal point is decreasing human error – the greatest security risk enterprises face – through immersive and intelligence-driven training solutions. Their innovative approach enables companies to measure the effectiveness of the program and uses collaboration and hands-on techniques to reinforce training materials. To learn more about reducing cyber security risk through more effective employee training, visit

Sponsor Spotlight: Privacy Ref

Privacy Ref About Us Privacy Ref assists our clients improve their privacy practices throughout their organizations. We emphasize alignment of privacy practices with organizational goals through our assessment, consulting, coaching, and training services. Our clients come from diverse industries some of which include financial services, health care services, technology, business services, manufacturing, utilities, and entertainment. They range in size from less than 50 employees to over 160,000 with their revenues

Sponsor Spotlight: NSA

NSA It’s not only WHAT you do, but WHY you do it. Your area of expertise could be data science, neural networks, artificial intelligence or computer network operations. If you’re into hacking for the greater good, the National Security Agency has a position that combines your technical expertise with our mission of protecting the safety and security of our families, our communities and our country. Join the defense to prevent

Sponsor Spotlight: Compliance Point

Compliance Point CompliancePoint is a leading Information Security and Risk Management company, delivering assessment, cyber security, and managed security services. CompliancePoint offers these services for a wide range of industry and regulatory standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, SSAE SOC, ISO 27001, FISMA/NIST, and FedRamp. CompliancePoint’s expertise also expands beyond the compliance requirements to include comprehensive protection of corporate data and customer information. Specific data and cyber security services include Penetration